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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

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BrookeStephen, where did you get your version of the VRML software to build these decks? Can you provide a link?
Hey TowerPower;
I'm sorry to be so unhelpful, but I use Notepad.exe and the calculator.exe and a piece of blank paper to design the shapes I want. That's all.

There's no VRML software that I use.

I finally did get smart and built an MS Access database containing tables for all the parameters (walls, doors, etc) and programs in Visual Basic for building the .VRML files instead of using Notepad.exe.

Lately I'm trying to solve all the puzzles and build the "Ship of Riddles" (Star Wars Millennium Falcon)

Do you want VRML lessons?
I don't want to sidetrack this topic, but yes I'd like to see how you generate those images using the tools you mentioned. I'm completely lost.
Can you tell me how to get started or do you have a link to lessons?

And I too have looked at the Falcon Riddles page - interesting.

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