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Re: Lana Lang's "Special" Destiny What Do You Think the Legion Meant?

Did he make any comment about how they were reinserting him back into the script of Dexter for the first half of his trip through Smallville? In Dexter of Course, Sam pretended to be the ice truck killer because being famous is lovely... So in one he was lying that he was a serial killer and in the other he was lying that he was not a serial killer. Coincidental or taliored to fit in the guys imbd listing which should resonate subconciously with the audience... Besides, I'm far more afraid of Dexter's "Dark Passenger" than I am of davis Blooms.

That must have smelt a little fishy?

then again when the Chief took him out in Battlestar, that was Awsome.... Wait? was it the Chief or baltar? ...Or kally? Hells, I need to watch seaosn two again, all I'm finding in my memory banks is a conspiracy of silence on the matter.
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