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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

I saw it last night for the advanced screening, and I have to say - do not watch this film if you love the first one. Honestly, Bay hasn't improved the film in the slightest and this is annoying to say because the first Transformers film is in my top 3 films, but this one doesn't make the cut.

It's just another Michael Bay movie now. "We'll put an explosion here... and another one here!!! Oh, I got an idea, a really loud explosion!!!". The storyline isn't really good, it's another "oh no, Earth will blow up" crap. The only good fight in the film is between Optimus vs Megatron, Starscream and I think 2 other Decepticons, and Optimus kicks ass for a while. But everything is so fucking confusing, especially the end battle where most of the time you're sat there saying "is that a Decepticon or an Autobot?"

Not to mention the fact Bay has crammed in so much shit that the original characters hardly do anything. Bumblebee is seen in about 15 minutes of the film (and does have a good fight if I'm honest). I think Rachet and Ironhide have all of 2-3 lines, the 2 new Autobots don't say anything, and there's still no explination as to why there's a female Autobot, which is why Bay left Archee out in the first film.

My main problem with this film though, is there is too much fucking comedy. The twins characters, honestly, they're talking everytime they're on screen (which is almost all the fucking time) and they're always trying to crack jokes and make the audience laugh. It worked, but after a good hour of it, you start to get bored. Then all the other characters who were in there for comic relief. Simmons, Sams doomroom buddy, and just ugh. Even the last battle was seemingly IN THE SAME PLACE THE FILMED THE FIRST BATTLE IN THE FIRST FILM. You even get the "bring the rain" line from the same character. Along with like 20 Decepticons who've come out of no-where.

I'll give a better review later, just wanted to jot my thoughts down before I go to work.

A modest 7/10 for me.
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