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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

What i always wondered is why do "modern" writers seem incapable of creating new, equally popular characters?

Spiderman, Cap America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor etc.. all created in the Stan Lee era.

I don't think we have heroes created in our time (90s and 00s) that equal their popularity and pop culture importance.

Why is that? Are we not giving them a proper chance to become as established? Are they not iconic enough? Or are they just not that interesting to begin with..

I know the reason why the big ones like Marvel and DC can't kill off main characters for good.. it's because they are the cash cows of the companies. Look at how much derision DC got when they tried to update Superman (i liked his new costume.. didn't much care for the new set of powers) until they quickly changed back (possibly retconning their statements as in "It was always planned like this.. just a short stint"). However if we'd have "equal" heroes i believe you could kill off some main heroes for good and continue to earn money with your own creations.

Just look at the mainstream impact Cap's death had and the unmasking of Peter Parker.. it was on major news networks for friggin' sake!
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