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She was a civilian, so I expected to see her dress as a civilian, not tht there weren't costuming constraints... How did the wardrobe people keep every thing drycleaned on time? Supposedly Neelix had flair, but really, how may different "suits" did he wear over the years? Did only have one set of clothes just like Shaggy off Scoobie Doo?

If I was in charge of her wardrobe, she's a god damned full sized barbie doll, I would have played with her figure this way and that to test line and form, having her experience the gamut of fashion style and even bad taste... what hell else are you supposed to use a clothes horse for?

The second Romana from Doctor Who used to wear the most unusual styles of clothes from one adventure tot he next completely different and it was all so amusing.

Is that photoshop of Seven dressed as Kes still wandering around?
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