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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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Only two pics tonight. I realize that I need to build the Saucer as a separate file for now - things are getting too big to manage with it. I won't say I finished the neck, but I did get it roughed out. There will be significant changes on it before it is finalized.
Yeah, well, I coulda told'ya that...

Seriously, even if you DON'T overwhelm your machine when doing this sort of work, it's always a good idea to break it down into "bite-sized pieces" as you work on it... otherwise, you WILL go insane. (I speak from personal experience here... BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!)
I had tentatively planned to do that anyway, but it was only when my renderings started generating Heap Overflows because I'm running on a 32-bit systems and need more memory than the OS can provide....

It's only a problem when I have the whole thing up for render. For the most part, it is entirely manageable.
Well, it's rapidly coming up on a point where "64-bit" is actually practical. 64-bit XP really isn't all that great... primarily because of a lack of specialized software revision availability. On the other hand, 64-bit Vista seems to be pretty well-supported (and is the sole argument I can see for using Vista). Of course, you have 64-bit Linux-y OS's all over the place, but that's not really suitable for most people as a "general purpose machine."

If you're gonna go "Vista," though, you might as well go 64-bit. Stuff that won't run on 32-bit XP also won't run on 32-bit Vista, after all... but there's plenty that won't run on 64-bit XP that WILL run on 64-bit Vista. And pretty much anything that will run on 32-bit Vista also runs on 64-bit Vista. I can't see the downside... IF you're willing to deal with Vista, that is.
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