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With it's ability to split into three, it would be a great defensive ship.
I would hope that the fleet has at least one or two ships designed for potential battles, considering how hostile the DQ was towards Voyager for years. Something like a Sovereign, Prometheus, or Galaxy class would work. Or we could settle for a pair of Akiras.
I agree, but I am thinking that the two Vesta-class ships accompanying the DQ fleet are well-designed for combat as well as exploration, as we saw the Aventine unafraid to kick some ass in the Destiny books.

And remember, Voyager was no slouch in the combat department, either.

That being said, since they are going on an open-ended mission of exploration and also checking on the status of Borg space, I am also thinking that they might have fitted some extra combat modifications on Voyager and the two Vestas...just in case.
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