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Man, we really need an official Vesta-class design. I hate reading a book where I have no idea what a ship's class is. This bothered me with the Titan series until we got the official Titan design in 2005.
We do have a Vesta-design. It's a bit like an Excelsior in a half-shell. It's pretty impressive.
May we have a link please, sir?
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^Uhh, the link is in the two posts immediately preceding yours.
Sorry, my bad...I was responding to a post on Page 1 and had not scanned ahead to find the link submitted. Tried to edit my post afterwards but it wouldn't take...hmmm. Probably didn't do it right. Where's one of my sarcastic computer-savvy teenagers when I need 'em?

That being said, the drawing linked to is a little short on detail. Are there links available to fan-made designs, if not the "actual" intended design?

And to answer a previous poster, according to "Full Circle", pages 510-511, the DQ fleet will consist...

(1) USS Voyager

(2) and (3) Vesta-class ships USS Esquiline and USS Quirinal

(4), (5), and (6) unknown-class science ships USS Hawking, USS Planck, and USS Curie, one each to tag along with 1, 2, and 3 above. I had thought there was a mention of a USS Hawking in a TNG episode, but a cursory glance at Memory Alpha shows no listing.

(7) unknown-class specialty ship USS Galen (staffed by advanced holograms and serves as primary medical resource)

(8) unknown-class specialty ship USS Achilles (carries vital backup components for the fleet's technology along with industrial replicators)

(9) unknown-class specialty ship USS Demeter (houses a vast airponics bay to provide supplemental food, as well as storage facilities for biological resources the fleet finds along its way)

Hope this helps.
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