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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

Very cool with Torvig there!!

And Arpy--I think there are some fun uniform design possibilities, too. Even crossing the standard Federation uniform with Cardassian fashion was a thought-provoking challenge. I mean, unlike the TNG-era uniform, where it apparently wasn't that hard to make the necessary modifications, this one had a freaking turtleneck. And making Dakal wear that...yeesh!

(The one funny thing,'d have to do a pinning-on ceremony differently, due to where the rank is worn. "Prophets and Loss" seems to suggest that you don't touch a Cardassian's neck ridges unless you're putting a move on them!!! )

Captain Stoner--thanks for the advice. By any chance, would you happen to have Photoshop or something, and be able to trace a line over top of it, and PM me, to show me where I went wrong?)
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