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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

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I would assume Torvig's cybernetics would adapt him into a more upright position to accommodate duties on a vessel that was not designed for Choblik use but for fairly large humanoids.
It always surprises me when I hear people making the assumption that Titan wasn't designed to accommodate nonhumanoids. Titan was intended from the start to incorporate a crew of unprecedented diversity. We know that several crew quarters, including Aili Lavena's, Melora Pazlar's, and K'chak'!'op's, were adapted to accommodate their environmental needs before the ship was ever launched. Doesn't it therefore stand to reason that the ship's equipment and public spaces in general would've also been designed from the get-go with the varying physiologies of the crew in mind?

Aside from that, though, it is a valid point that a Choblik might occasionally need to increase his or her height in certain situations. I don't see it as a permanent posture, though.
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