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I wish these writers and producers would finally realize that "targeting" an audience doesn't work. If they just wrote the best stories they could, they might be surprised at the demographics of their audience. Just write good stories and let the chips fall where they may.
Actually, what's kind of funny about this targeting is that Jeri ended up with female fans.

I've got friends in the Asperger's community who say she's popular with Aspies as well. Makes sense, really, because Seven is pretty socially inept.
It's just simplistic and banal to think that a shapely woman in a skin-tight suit will attract young men. Of course, it will--but they will only continue to tune in if there is a good plot, interesting characters, etc.

I think that's cool that the character designed to attract young men ended up having as much or more interest among other groups. I thought Seven was easily the most interesting and complicated character in all of Trek. To reduce her to "eye candy" is to overlook her true strengths.
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