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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

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Very nice!
I seem to remember glowing asteroids and arcing on Constellation wreck.
Did you tone those down to be more in-line with 60's effects?
The arcing is still there; it's just hard to see in the shots you've seen so far. The asteroids are completely different though. The glowy 'roids used clumped hypervoxel particles, but these are actual asteroid meshes with modeled geometry. There are ten different base asteroid models that are cloned several hundred times each per scene, scaled at random values in the X/Y/Z axes, scattered in a roughly spherical volume, and keyframed with random heading/bank/pitch and X/Y/Z movement to depict the remnants of Systems L-370 and 374. Throw in some hypervoxel dust clouds in the background and voila!... instant planetary destruction.

I never was very happy with the look of the glowy asteroids. I suppose the idea was cool enough, but in practice they looked too samey-same and distracted the attention of the viewer from the stars of the show, the Enterprise and Constellation (not to mention the Special Guest Villain, the Cornucopia of Doom).
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