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Re: Fitness Checkin

Just had a physical - nothing wrong with me! W00t!

Everybody should have one. Heck, it should be a requirement by law. I don't care how healthy you think you are. I don't care if you've never shown symptoms of anything at all since the day you were born. If any of you haven't had a physical in awhile, GET ONE. Do it right now.

I just had one, and I passed. So I'm healthy. I thank God for that. And so should y'all (or whichever higher power you choose to believe in). If your insurance covers this, and it should, then get it. If there's anything even remotely out of the ordinary, then you can get it taken care of quick.

And once you do, be thankful for your health.

(My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago, but this happened during a routine physical anyway. So they got it all out before it had the chance to harm him. If you all have physicals, you can have this kind of peace of mind as well.)
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