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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

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Nice. I hadn't envisioned Orilly actually wearing that much of a uniform, but it's an interesting interpretation...
I think we miss out on some really nifty design possibilites when non-humanoids don't wear uniforms. Humans and countless humanoids don't really need to wear them either but we do - why not non-humanoids? An argument is that some, like (to use an example from your books) the Pak'shree or Horta, are so robust they really don't need them. But I say that's humanoid-centric: so they're stronger than us but why should we be the measure of all things? Plus, uniforms are also a matter of identification, modesty (though that varies species-to-species), and esthetics (ditto).
True, but seeing as how Orilly is covered in pangolin-like armor plates, it's not like a layer of cloth is going to provide any real protection. Plus, how do you dress a walking pinecone? I can imagine the fabric constantly getting caught between the plates as she moves and either getting torn or impeding her movement.

Maybe something loose could work, something like a horse blanket draped over her back and fastened around the front. But it might make more sense just to give her a sort of harness for carrying her equipment and combadge.

(Oh, and she's supposed to be honey-brown in color, not blue.)

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Interesting. A pretty radical departure from how I envisioned it:

Goes to show how differently the same description can be interpreted by different people.

I like the use of uniform colors on his torso plating, though. I can see that working well with my design too.

Just to complete the trifecta, here's K'chak'!'op:

I'm curious to see how Geoff interprets her. I can't recall if I ever mentioned what her coloration is. I think she's supposed to be red or reddish-brown, like a crab.
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