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Re: Discuss: The Voyager Fleet

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Ship fanatics gather. What do you hope to see? Why kind of stories, relationships, dynamics do you want between these vessels?
I think there should be an Intrepid class ship and an Akira class ship that try to start a relationship, but a Saber class ship gets all jealous and wants to go back home because it always had a crush on the Akira and now it's too late to do anything about it. But it has to stay in the fleet so it spreads gossip about the Intrepid ship and breaks up a longstanding friendship between the Intrepid class ship and its oldest friend, a Nebula class ship.

Or maybe I don't understand the question.
The Sabre and the Akira then have an affair, the Akira swayed by the Sabre's smear campaign against the Intrepid. The Akira soon regrets it, but to its horror finds it is pregnant with the Sabre's secret love shuttle. Unsure of how to explain itself, the Akira runs away and the rest of the fleet spend most of the mission looking for her. Eventually, they find her hiding in a Voth cityship, confiding in the local Minister. The Voth vow to put a stop to this silly endotherm ship bickering, and confiscate the fleet's slipstream drives. Then the ships all argue over whose fault it is.
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