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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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All the recent talk about TNG remastered really made me ache for DS9 to be remastered. I think TNG is shoe-in for remastering, it's only a matter of time. I think DS9 is less safe a bet. But there are definitely things that can benefit from it. E.g. I would change the Melbourne back to a Nebula-class starship, for one. I would put more different ships at Wolf 359 (e.g. Akira-class). I'd tone down the use of Mirandas and Excelsiors in the big battle scenes. I'd definitely give the second Defiant it's proper registry (NCC-75633) (unfortunately, they kept Constellation as NCC-1017 which is as glaring an error as imaginable so I'm not too optimistic. in my mind Constellation will always be 1710).

CBS/Paramount will not do it due to cost.

I suggest ds9 fans using home computers do it instead.3 years ago a fan inspired project was launched in which all Jack Vance Novels were reprinted/re-mastered into Hardback using the internet as a coordination tool.This produced the Vance Integral Edition.

You can look up the Vance Integral Edition in google for inspiration.

Jack Vance is very good science fiction fantasy writer with well over 200 novels.He won the Hugo award.Some of you may be aware of this.

In the ds9 case the same methods can be used and with modern distributed computing the same principles can be used.

Some of you have already produced high quality cgi in relation to Star Trek as witnessed in youtube and google video.

These efforts can be focused into remastering DS9.

A small team of not more than 15 people can be assembled.Any more and it will not work as infighting and ego conspires to defeat the object of the exercise.

An Agenda can be agreed and then implemented episode by episode.

Perhaps CBS/Paramount can be involved in it too.
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