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remastering vs. changes

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everytime someone demands to "remaster" something while they just mean new special effects.
Agreed. Remastering a film is not the same as "Lucasizing" it (ala ST Ep.IV-VI circa 1997).
Paramount/CBS home video really surprised me by doing the TOS-R.
As fans why it would be expected that all Trek TV shows get HD remastering is surprising. DS9 and VOY were mastered to state-of-the-art stndard definition digital videotape. Whenever that tape is played there is no loss of picture, resolution, color, sharpness from the day it was mastered.
TPTB will make a business decision on remastering TNG, DS9, VOY to HD. If it will not make a good R.O.I. it will not be done.
Luckily ENTERPRISE is in HD and will get a Blu-ray release in a few years.
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