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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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So, are you saying that better special effects would ruin it for you? It takes all sorts I suppose...
Yes, it would ruin it for me. When I'm watching a movie or a tv show, I want to see the original effects. Each movie/show is a product of its time, and it should be appreciated as such. I also won't be watching Casablanca in colour or any other attempt at "improving" old movies.

While were at it, we could also improve some of those dull old paintings with new and bright neon colours, to make it more accessible for the young audience. Bring me the Mona Lisa, now!
Well when they bang on your door demanding you hand over your DS9 materials for alteration just pretend you're not in.

I won't be watching Casablanca in colour or black and white. Its not in my field of interest. You're welcome to your own opinion of course but you can't pretend its a rational one, not without attacking the opposing view as childish ("...accessible for the young audience...") Its not about age and accessibility, its about relevance and watchability. DS9 and the rest will be competing for airtime with with more aesthetically pleasing and culturally relevant products in a higher quality medium, if that audience is of diminishing size and not buying the advertised products, don't expect the series to have much longevity.

You consider DS9 a peice of art, to be appreciated in its original intended form. That analogy only goes so far. I prefer to see it as a product of its time in the same way as a microwave ready meal from 1991. In 1991, transfats, MSG and high sodium were acceptable, today's market however is more discerning.

As for the Mona Lisa, I prefer the nude one.
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