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Nice. I hadn't envisioned Orilly actually wearing that much of a uniform, but it's an interesting interpretation...
I think we miss out on some really nifty design possibilites when non-humanoids don't wear uniforms. Humans and countless humanoids don't really need to wear them either but we do - why not non-humanoids? An argument is that some, like (to use an example from your books) the Pak'shree or Horta, are so robust they really don't need them. But I say that's humanoid-centric: so they're stronger than us but why should we be the measure of all things? Plus, uniforms are also a matter of identification, modesty (though that varies species-to-species), and esthetics (ditto).

It'd be cool to see a uniform tailored to various forms, or made of different materials. The Pak'shree have a part of their exoskelleton painted to show their division, but how about a hard shell uniform that covers more of them? When they warred with each other, they may have developed protective armors to better their chances on the battlefield. And maybe textiles or elaborate whole-body paintjobs (in lieu of textile fashions) arose from that. A Horta, even as it's heat-burrowing through solid rock, may have some non-harmful molecularly-bonded pigment that identifies its rank and division, maybe a special unobtainium-cased combadge as well.

I'm loving this thread, Geoff. Love seeing!!! all these great characters and designs - yours too Nerys! I always look forward to the Titan book covers to get a glimpse of these marvelous characters we can only imagine.

If I could make a two changes to Orilly's uniform though I'd give his "arms" sleeves, and change the pattern of where the blue is...the way it is now it reminds me of human on all fours rather than a being in its natural state.
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