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Re: Farscape - anything I need to know?

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Urgh, it would have been odd had they not done The Peacekeeper Wars. Ending the show on Bad Timing would have been, well, bad timing...
And yet, that's how we thought it had ended. It was 2 years later before The Peacekeeper Wars happens, and that was only after a lot of fan backlash.

Exactly, at the time the last episode ended, there was no plan in place for the PKW mini-series, as far as all of us fans knew, it was done. I joined what was then called the "Save Farscape" website, which is now know as the "Watch Farscape" website, and took part in many of the efforts to get the show back. Heh, my wife was part of the infamous "Send Bonnie Hammer bras" incident and I did several other things myself. From what I can see "Farscape: The PeaceKeeper Wars" was announced in May 2004, so from the time of the cancellation, Sept. '02, until this announcement, none of us had any idea if there was going to be anymore Farscape.

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Sci-Fi pulled the plug on the show part way through the 4th season, even with that, the shows writers didn't change the end of the 4th season, hoping that somehow the show would continue.
That's not how I understand it. From what I've read in interviews, the producers were going back and forth from renewal to cancellation all the way up to the filming of the final episode--as documented in David Kemper's impromptu speech announcing the cancellation during the filming of "Bad Timing," which came as a surprise to everybody.
Harvey, I'm just going by when I heard the show was cancelled and when the episodes aired here in the states. On Sept. 6th '02 David Kemper and others stated that the show had been cancelled. I'm not sure when I found out about it, but I joined the "Save Farscape" site in Feb. '03 so, obviously, sometime before that. The last episode, "Bad Timing" is listed as showing on March 21st '03, so that's where my timeline comes from.

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