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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

So rather than Trek XI it led to a discussion about Seven's emotions and whether she should feel guilty about being part of the collective. At least it was about Voyager this time.

Nothing Human (*)

JANEWAY: Maybe we can do better than giving you a crash course in exobiology. Maybe we can provide you with a consultant.
SHMULLY: I'd be delighted, but how?
JANEWAY: By isolating the computer's exobiology datafiles and merging them into a an interactive matrix.
PARIS: A hologram!
JANEWAY: Exactly.
SHMULLY: That may not be as simple as it sounds. It would need to be nearly as sophisticated as I am; tactile interfaces, personality subroutines.
PARIS: Harry could do it.
JANEWAY: Search the database for a leading exobiologist, if you want to add a personality it may as well be based on a real person. I'll have Harry meet you in Holodeck two.
Please tell me that I'm not the only person who noticed that Janeway decided to create a new lifeform on a whim and none of the characters give it a second thought. This is incredibly reckless stuff right here, it's like making a clone and harvesting its organs and then throwing it aside once you're done with it. Either holograms like Shmully are people or they're not and for the last four years it has been shoved down my throat that they are.

SEVEN: You seem uncomfortable taking orders from me.
TABOR: It's just that I'm used to taking orders from B'Elanna, that's all. And to tell you the truth, she doesn't...
SEVEN: ...doesn't like me, yes, I am aware of that. However, the Captain left me in charge [of Engineering] during Lieutenant Torres' absence.
Meanwhile Lt Carey and Ensign Vorik have been assigned to astrometrics because Janeway decided to play musical chairs with the department heads. Samantha Wildman was put in charge of security for the day while Ayala was made first officer and told to wear a dress. Janeway really loves fucking with the minds of the recurring characters.

MOSET: I just wish we had access to my laboratory, it has all the instrumentation we would need. Well, we'll just have to improvise.
SHMULLY: Not necessarily. We may be able to create a reasonable facsimile of your laboratory in our Holodeck, providing of course, you can give an accurate description.
MOSET: Down to the smallest detail, it's more of a home to me than my home.
Moset is a hologram being run by the computer. His recollection is based off of data in the computer database. They don't need him to program it into the computer because it's already in the godsdamn thing!

TABOR: You don't have the right to violate the memory of my family! As long as that Cardassian hologram is online that's exactly what you're doing.
CHAKOTAY: It's not that simple.
TABOR: It is to me. Crell Moset killed thousands of people in his hospitals, as long as we're willing to benefit from his research we're no better than he is.
Oh, I get it now! Tabor is deeply upset about the fact that Moset experimented on members of his family. I didn't get that at all from the last two scenes he was in, I really needed this third one where he repeats himself so that slow people like me can catch up. This is a very considerate script for the mentally challenged.

I liked what this episode was trying to be about, but this is the second time that Jeri Taylor has written an episode where the message at the end does not fit with the message of the rest of the episode. (The first being season 2's Alliances.) Everyone who wanted to destroy the Moset hologram was reacting from an emotional position while Doc Shmully was desperately trying to get everyone to be rational. He wins them around in the end, only to change his mind in the final minutes and react as irrationally as everyone else was. There's some good scenes and it gets points for trying, but ultimately the episode is a boring mess that doesn't know what it is trying to say.
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