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Re: Lana Lang's "Special" Destiny What Do You Think the Legion Meant?

Yes, and if they fight just long enough, and punch just hard enough, you can be there to see their boobies turn purple from bruising until it looks like they're wearing clothes all over again.

Lana Lang in the comics became/was replaced by a manhunter, most of Smallville was really. An entire town of alien robots being all prime directive while monitoring the kryptonian for just in case.

If they're ll robots, that makes sense.

But if (TV) Cyborg Lana was going to take a name, Manhunter would beanice nod tot he comics and an insane hint about what is to come when everything goes horribly wrong.

I wonder if Lois is going to met Laurel kent in the future? She's supposed to look so much like lois, that Superboy hits on because e can't help himself and no one tells him she's his great great grand daughter.

Also a Manhunter by the way.

This shit just writes itself.

Brainiac 5 vs whoever inherited the suit, who just happens to have familiar dna?
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