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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

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So he literally did die then and went to the afterlife, so they'll have to magically/mystically ressurect him? I think I would have preferred a faked death / body swap bit. I'm not crazy when a non-magical character has a huge life altering magical event happen to him *coughs*One More Day*coughs*
They talk about Hercules being Drunk all the time while fighting super villains, but you know Thor is just as bad. that's not an archaic Scandinavian accent: He's slurring his words.

Back in Avengers Annual 16(ish?) they went to hell and fought a bunch of dead super villains, including Norman Osborn.

These things happen.

besides, what if a person can have more than one soul? or it cautiously ejection in parts in case there is some unforeseen resurrection? Or they can grow a new one if they come back from the dead after flatlining? Stuff.
The thing is about that scene, Thor summons Cap's spirit but they don't say from where exactly. Only that it is cold and dark like the bottom of the sea. They also say that his spirit is lingering. Lingering in the cold and dark doesn't sound like something the spirit of Captain America would do naturally.

Also remember, they went to great lengths to show us Steve's dead body. We saw it lose the effects of the super-soldier serum and revert to it's natural scrawny dimensions. They also went to great lengths to keep us up to speed on Red Skull, Dr. Faustus, Arnim Zola, the Grand Director(50's Cap), Crossbones and Sin.

So, how do I think Bru is going to return the original Cap to the land of the living?

First off, when Cap was shot he was hit with a transmitter that was designed to shunt his entire mind into a device similar to what Arnim Zola uses to house his. Only, Cap's doesn't have any arms or legs attached, nor is it connected to any outside computer. So they have him locked away safely with the lights out. This is why Cap's spirit was lingering in the cold and dark, it has been captured.

But his body really died.

So, how do they return him to the land of the living when his body has been dead now for over a year of Marvel time? That is where the Grand Director comes in. The guy running around issue 600 with his own Cap costume and shield. The guy who has idolized Cap so much that he had his features altered to look exactly like him. The guy who took a super soldier serum to try to be like Cap. The guy who has spent the better part of 50 years trying to BE Cap. It will be his body that Cap's friends will transfer his mind into. We will have the real Cap back, and he will look exactly like Cap, but he will be on his second body.

Either that, or the reunion of his essence to his body magically restores it to life and reactivates the super soldier serum in it. Which would be a cop out, IMO. We were promised a death that sticks, even though we all knew he was going to come back. My theory at least gives us a dead body that was Steve Rogers as well as a living one with the soul of the original. And it would provide some reason for Bucky to remain as Cap afterwards as well. As Steve would likely need some time to come to terms he is now living in another man's body, even though it looks like his own. He would likely have to work out the kinks in the real differences in the two bodies that only he would be aware of. And then he would also want to deal with the issue that was brought up before his "death", that he has gotten out of touch with the American spirit. So he would take the time to go out and find it while he lets Bucky carry on holding the shield. Then he comes back for real another year down the road, just in time for his movie to be released.
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