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Re: Superman Returns: Did Richard Know?

I know this sounds very wierd, but here I go. I always thought that If Singer was able to make a sequel, Zod would've inhabited Richard. Think about it. Supes having to struggle between fighting Jason's adopted father, or ridding the galaxy of Zod by killng Richard. And what about Jason? Set this movie a few years ahead, his powers begin to emerge. Would he stand by and watch Superman beat his step-dad up? He obviously wouldn't know it was Zod, so a huge mis-understading takes place, and an epic battle between father and son ensues. Zod manipulates the whole thing, and begins to take over the world. Of course, Jason, and Superman reconsile, and go after Zod together evetually. I know they wanted to use Zod in the sequel somehow. This would b a good way to do so without using Stamp's Zod again. It would've also been neat to see what James Marsden could bring to Supes' ultimate villain.
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