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Re: A Star trek CGI series

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check out this
3D CGI short film [Length 7:47]
Oceansize is a short 3D movie made by 4 students of Supinfocom Arles in 2008
The camera moves are really cool. Great lighting and sets.
The human character animation is lacking though. Some nice atmospheric effects with lighting.
It is also pretty simple sound design. mostly music and only some sound effects.

Recently viewed part of an episode from Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show and it really looks good too with the exception of the character animation. The sets & locations, ships, props are really top notch. The lighting was great too on the characters (even thought the character's stylized animation leaves a lot to be desired)

So how much different are these two animations then? Both suffer from bad character animations. SW:The Clone Wars spent between $1-2 million per episode including the orchestral music, voice acting, sound work. Oceansize was made by 4 students. You can guess how low a budget they had...
How do you feel about a Star Trek series being CGI animated like these two?

Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer cost a lot to make and it's only 4 minutes. That level of quality would cost too much to make a TV series. Possibly a TV movie would be doable though... The sets & CG character models can be reused.
I'm all for it. But it really comes down to writing. The best CGI can't make up for bad writing.

As for the CLONE WARS? I totally agree. I can't stand the characters, but the vocal work is pretty good. The dude doing Obi Wan has his voice down good!! Sounds just like McGregor. The FX (space fighting and ships and all that) are pretty damn good. Imagine that for a TREK CGI? Yeah...go for it.

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