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Re: Superman Returns: Did Richard Know?

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^ I would say no. He never seemed defensive or possessive enough when Superman was around and he never made any snide remarks about Superman to Lois.
Why would he? Richard is a good guy; not a jack ass. Clearly, he is secure in his relationship with Lois where he doesn't need to make snide comments. He does show some uncomfortableness when talking about Superman (particularly during the "did you love him?" scene). But I think that would be somewhat expected when talking about his partner's old love.

I think that if it had been intended that we know Richard knows, there would have been a conversation or dialogue to that effect. Possibly after Lois whispered in Supes' ear in the hospital - she goes out to Richard who says 'Did you tell him?' 'Yes', says Lois. Cut to Richard looking worried but nodding acceptingly. Something like that.
Yes, but if that happened, we wouldn't be having this conversation...
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