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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

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Neither DC or marvel have made any pretense that Batman (who isn't even dead to start with) or Captain America would be dead for any period of time.

So anyone going "wow what a surprise" is missing the point, it was planned all along, it was discussed all along - this is coporate owned serial fiction and whining that "people don't stay dead" completely misses the point. If you don't like that, I suggest you get another hobby - It's like complaining that some of the stories in wrestling are "a bit hokey" or that it's staged.
But if you use the same device over and over again it becomes a "bit" stale, don't you think?
But what else are you going to do? The aging reactionary comics superhero audience constantly show with their purchases that they are not particular interested in change, they want their comfort blankets.
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