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Re: WTF?! moment from "Vortex"

captrek wrote: View Post
I casually followed DS9 when it was on first run, and had not seen it since until just recently, when I started to watch it from the start. This is what will probably be the first of a lot of question threads from me.

The last episode I watched is “Vortex,” in which Odo is knocked unconscious by a blow to the head.

My understanding was that Odo, as a shapeshifter, has merely the shape of a human, not actual functioning human anatomy. A blow to the head should be no more likely to knock him out than a blow to the arm or leg.

Is there an explanation for this that makes any sense?
'Vortex' was the first episode to really look into what Odo was & where he came from before his life on the station, and they were still tryin' to figure everything out.

Its possible that the heavy rocks hittin' Odo from above disrupted his morphagenic matrix, paralyzin' him, but he remained conscious, or else he would have just turned into a puddle on the ground.

So, heavy rocks caused paralysis, and Odo, findin' out about this weakness, since Terok Nor didn't suffer from avalanches or cave ins, found a way to deal with heavy debris by the time he and Kira chased a Maquis into the Badlands three years later.

AdmiralGarak wrote: View Post
No. The writers goofed. A similar thing happens in "Way of the Warrior", where Bashir 'saves' Odo from a bat'leth wielding Klingon.
Been awhile since I watched 'Way of the Warrior', but Odo beat the Klingon with the bat'leth, and Bashir stunned the Klingon with a disruptor.

And disruptor fire can have an effect on Founders, as seen in 'Apocalypse Rising'.

Navaros wrote: View Post
Things like this are just ridiculous plot contrivances that the writers never bothered to think through. Similar things happen in all the hokey fight scenes in DS9, which are many; ie: Kira knocking Damar out cold by boffing him in the back.
If ya are talkin' about the fight scene I'm thinkin' of, where Damar tried to haul Ziyal's ass out of the cargo bay and Kira stepped in, the blow to the back of the head was the last in a series of blows that Kira landed against Damar.

Makes sense to me that after a lifetime of fightin' against Cardassians, Kira would know their weak spots.

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