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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

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So he literally did die then and went to the afterlife, so they'll have to magically/mystically ressurect him? I think I would have preferred a faked death / body swap bit. I'm not crazy when a non-magical character has a huge life altering magical event happen to him *coughs*One More Day*coughs*
They talk about Hercules being Drunk all the time while fighting super villains, but you know Thor is just as bad. that's not an archaic Scandinavian accent: He's slurring his words.

Back in Avengers Annual 16(ish?) they went to hell and fought a bunch of dead super villains, including Norman Osborn.

These things happen.

besides, what if a person can have more than one soul? or it cautiously ejection in parts in case there is some unforeseen resurrection? Or they can grow a new one if they come back from the dead after flatlining? Stuff.
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