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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

If anyone thinks that CBS/Paramount is NOT planning to remaster TNG for HD, then I'm sorry but you're out of your fracking minds! TNG is and was the most popular of all the Treks (in terms of ratings). There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it'll get remastered. Otherwise they'd be sitting on a property that's deteriorating under their noses. How many more TNG DVDs can they reasonably expect to sell? For the most part, anyone who wants it, already has it. To sell more, they have to do an HD release. And to do that, they need to remaster it. Therefore, they WILL remaster it. I suspect DS9 and VOY will eventually get done, but it's nowhere near certain. I guess it really depends on TNG and how much it costs them to go back to the film originals and reedit all the scenes and redo all the effects. If TNG proves too expensive, they may just scrap DS9 until later, when it becomes more cost-effective to do so. That said, I'm certain they have all the film elements filed away by episode somewhere in the Paramount vault.
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