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Location of the Delphic Expanse

I'm sure this has been brought up before, but after re-watching Season 3, I am once again pondering where the Delphic Expanse might have been. I did a search for some fan-made maps or discussions on this but didn't come up with much. Most seem to believe the the Expanse was probably in the Beta Quadrant, somewhere around Klingon space. However, Memory Alpha suggests that, it was in the Alpha Quadrant, which prevented earlier contact with the Cardassians, Ferengi, Breen, etc. I was wondering what everyone on here thinks about the subject.

There are a couple hints in the episodes pertaining to size and location which I took note of:

The Vulcans, the Klingons and the Ossarians (which Phlox recognized) tried to explore the Expanse which suggests that it leans towards the Beta Quadrant side. You might consider the appearance of a Benzite (in the mines in "The Xindi") as supporting this. One of the slave girls in "Rajin" is a Nuvian. This species is employed as masseuses on Risa ("Fallen Hero") so it is likely that her homeworlds lies somewhere near early Earth/starfleet space and the Expanse.

It took Enterprise seven weeks (at warp 5 presumably) to reach the edge of the Expanse. Using the TOS warp scale, this would place it roughly 17 Light years from Earth. According to Soval, the Expanse itself is enormous - 2000 light years. At Warp 5, it would have taken 16 years to cross it.

In "The Xindi", it is mentioned that the council planet is 50 light years from Earth. So unless backtracking occured (which is entirely possible), Enterprise never reached any deeper into the Expanse. Again using the TOS warp scale this would take about 5 months as warp 5. the NX-01 left Earth in late April and reached the Council planet the following mid-February. Taking into account various stops along the way, anomalies, battles, low warp, damage, etc, this seems about right.

In "Twilight", T'Pol took the refugee humans to Ceti Alpha 5 in the Mutara system which is "far from the Expanse" and also Denobula. Kirk's mission seems pretty much located in the Beta Quadrant and from what we've seen in "Space Seed" and the movies "TWOK" and "TSFS", Ceti Alpha 5, the Mutara Nebula, and, subsequently the Genesis Planet were located somewhat within reach of Klingon space. The REAL Ceti Alpha is 220 light years from Earth. So with that in consideration, how far is "far from the Expanse" and where is it in relation to the Klingons?

I know that I've geeked out here, but I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts they would like to offer.
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