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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

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Well...I found time.

I'm afraid my work does not measure up on the technical side at all to yours (me + drawing hands especially = bad), but I still hope that in some way this will capture the wonderful character you detailed for us.

This is for you, Mr. Thorne!

The left hand looks pretty good. I have had trouble with hands also. It can be hard to get the thumbs to look like they're attached in the right spot. On that left hand, even though the thumb is the right length, and the knuckle is in the right spot, it almost looks like its attached at the same point as the fingers.
I think the negative space between the index and thumb would go a few inches further "up". The thumb bone itself would be attaching right around where the stripe is on the uniform sleeve.

Nice shading work, and real personality in the face.
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