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Re: WTF?! moment from "Vortex"

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Things like this are just ridiculous plot contrivances that the writers never bothered to think through. Similar things happen in all the hokey fight scenes in DS9, which are many; ie: Kira knocking Damar out cold by boffing him in the back.

And in DS9, any character grabbing his/her own wrist with one hand and then boffing the bad guy like that is always a knockout blow every single time. Seems like grabbing your wrist bestows mystical powers of uber strength, or something.
And a wTF by extension was in Invasive Procedures where Mahreel, (Verad's g/f) absolutely kicks Kira's ass all over Ops-freakin' beatdown and then, then Kira kicks yet ANOTHER Klingon's ass-T'Kar (played by Tim Russ, aka 2Vok)

Such a fine show as DS9 having fubar's and lazy writing like this is what drives me crazy. If DS9 is EVUH Star Trek 11'd, I hope for more consistent and believable writings.
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