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Re: What I Don't Like About the USS Kelvin

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Just as an idea, something to toss back and forth: we know George Kirk saved 800 lives. Is it possible that the Kelvin was transporting people at the time she encountered the Narada?

It's own standard crew might be a lot less than that. And if the Kelvin were carrying passengers, perhaps she had a greater than usual number of shuttles too? Perhaps larger ones with increased cargo capacity.
A very good possibility. I'm also rather fond of the idea that there were one or two less armed ships following a bit behind the Kelvin off screen, and that their complement, combined with the Kelvin's, was 800. The Kelvin's sacrifice would be the only thing that allowed them to escape.

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Why did Nero attack the Kelvin?
He'd set off on a mission to destroy federation worlds. After going through the wormhole the first thing he sees is a federation ship. He also needs to interrogate someone about the location of Spock, and isn't in the mood for a friendly chat.
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