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Re: What I Don't Like About the USS Kelvin

  1. We don't know that the 1701 Enterprise was the biggest ship in TOS. All we know is that a "starship" is something special, and there were only twelve like her. Some fans have no problem with three-nacelle dreadnoughts, myself among them.
  2. Older technology could potentially make for a greater crew and bigger ship in the form of the Kelvin. (Although I still have issues with 800 people fleeing in those shuttles... )
  3. I don't think the Kelvin's warp core is necessarily in the secondary hull - I think it's all hangar. I somehow think the reactor might be contained in the warp nacelle, which could then itself simply be ejected. If the warp core is in the secondary hull, ejection of both the secondary hull and nacelle might be possible.
In any case, I wouldn't stress over it.
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