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Re: Ratings game

Gotta wonder if this has ever worked?

I was watching the episode of 30 Rock where it guest starred some of the cast of Night court. Jane krakowski's character Jenna storms into a dress rehearsal for the "last episode of Night Court" and talks about how she was brought in during the final season of night court as a young sexy hip werewolf lawyer to boost the ratings and that she should be in on the fun too... It became clear that all thought of her character and assignment to the cast as tactless stunt casting which lowered the tone of the show brought on premature cancellation.

I suppose David E Kelly is always bring in new pretty girls. but lets face it he continues to bring in newer and newer pretty young girls season after season for each of his casts, decimating each of the previous seasons luscious vixens for lusciouser vixens per annum.

Boston Legal was a charnel house.

Remember the cute little kids they brought in for the last seasons of Different Strokes and Who's the Boss?

same difference.
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