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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

I know that the Prime universe still exists because of the time travel stuff, but the problem is that JJ wanted to give Trek his own vision and because they decided to go the AU route the Prime universe has been infected with some things from the JJverse which I find stupid. For example, the engineering hull of Federation vessels look like a steel-mill and the viewscreens are replaced by windscreens. Thanks to Trek XI we now have to reconcile that at some point Starfleet went from making ships with viewscreens, then it made them with windscreens and then it went back to viewscreens again.

JJ wanted his own Trek universe to play in and that's fine, but the AU aspect of the story means that the Prime universe is made seem even more stupid than it already was.

But since the look of starships, uniforms and people was so different *before* Nero did anything, I think we were seeing an alternate timeline with *no* link to the Prime timeline.
That's what I like to think too, but some people prefer to think that they're the same. The canon issue was already muddy enough, this just makes things more complicated.

Anyway, I really didn't mean for the discussion of Timeless to go off on this tangent about Trek XI. Lets make it more fun this time, we should have our discussion of Infinite Regress spin off into an argument about Mac vs PC!

Infinite Regress (**)

An episode where Seven tries to initiate mating rituals with B'Elanna? How could this episode not have five stars?!

Because I found it a bit dull. There's a technobabble Borg device that makes Seven go crazy and think she's other people, and seeing Jeri Ryan playing other characters is fun at times. Unfortunately it is not enough to hold the plot together, and most of the plot it fairly standard stuff involving technobabble and angry aliens.

There's a good opportunity here to explore Seven's realisation that she assisted in the assimilation of thousands of individuals into the collective, now that she is an individual she must face up to that horror. I'm sure the episode will explore this issue with the depth and complexity it deserv-... wait no, she's a Ferengi again. Man, those guys are funny!

The end of the episode involves a bunch of technobabble and some aliens attack the ship because they're naturally grumpy. For some reason Tuvok goes inside Seven's mind which is apparently a Borg nightclub, and like so many great men of history he struggles to make his way through the crowd in order to talk to the hot blond chick. Why? I don't know, the technobabble solution seemed to work without it.
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