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Jaespol: I agree..season 4 definitely had some really great episodes. I am also suprised that not more of the audience watched the show during that time. I was a little angry that it was Seven of Nine that made the ratings go up and not the cast, but at the same time, if they hadn't brought her to the show, I'm not sure what would have happened to the show's ratings. They would have probably flopped big time. I do think however that it's not ONE person that makes a show unique-it's the ENTIRE CAST that make it unique! Take the show "NCIS" for example. The entire cast makes the show what it is and it's on the top 20 list of best shows on TV now! Anyway..just using an thing that do bugs me about that show is that they've lost so many good people. Anyway, this isn't about NCIS, it's about Voyager. *off soapbox*
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