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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

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The only thing good that came out of breaking him and MJ up was the brief moment of squee! (the sort of fangirlish reaction us manly male comic book fans don't approve of) that came out of him asking Ms. Marvel out on a date.

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Honestly I've found Emma to be a far more interesting character and partner to Scott than Jean ever was really. Plus, they were married for how long and still they haven't had a kid? I mean c'mon... they were married since the early 90s (X-Men #30!) and they STILL haven't had Rachel or some kid by that time? Look how quickly Scotty knocked up Maddy! Or is that why he was having a telepathic affair with Emma? They had sex on birthdays and anniversaries only?
Oh, but we wouldn't want to make Scott and Jean look old, now would we? I mean, being married is bad enough, but having children?!

Kidding aside, I love how Cyclops has grown from fresh-faced neophyte to basically the senior statesmen of the X-Men in his lifetime.

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Heh... President Steve Rogers! I said it first... Cap will run for Prez or be head of SHIELD OR... he'll be the Captain again. And leave Cap A for Bucky
I'd be on board for Steve Rogers, Director of SHIELD! Or as President... we could have the first comic book featuring an ass-kicking President as the main character! Wait... what's that... you mean personally kicking ass and taking names shouldn't be the President's main focus? Oh...

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Scott never left Maddie for Jean. That's a myth that's been put forth by Morrison drones to justify his run. If they had bothered to even read those actual issues of X-Factor they would be surprised to discover that Maddie left him. She broke up with him and kicked him out of the house because he wouldn't give up being an X-Man. He and Jean didn't even get back together until he thought Maddie had been killed. Of course, when she came back she was The Gobblin Queen by that point so there was going to be no reconciliation.
Guhh... whut? That's a complete mischaracterization of what happened, since Scott's "wouldn't give up being an X-Man" thread was all about obsessing over his dead girlfriend.

Here. From Chris Claremont, the man who gave us the Phoenix Saga...

Asked about his intended plans for Madelyne's character, Claremont said:
The original Madelyne storyline was that, at its simplest level, she was that one in a million shot that just happened to look like Jean [Grey, a.k.a. the first Phoenix]! And the relationship was summed up by the moment when Scott says: "Are you Jean?" And she punches him! That was in Uncanny X-Men #174. Because her whole desire was to be loved for herself not to be loved as the evocation of her boyfriend's dead sweetheart. I mean, it's a classical theme. You can go back to a whole host of 30's films, 40's, Hitchcock films - but it all got invalidated by the resurrection of Jean Grey in X-Factor #1. The original plotline was that Scott marries Madelyne, they have their child, they go off to Alaska, he goes to work for his grandparents, he retires from the X-Men. He's a reserve member. He's available for emergencies. He comes back on special occasions, for special fights, but he has a life. He has grown up. He has grown out of the monastery; he is in the real world now. He has a child. He has maybe more than one child. It's a metaphor for us all. We all grow up. We all move on.
Scott was going to move on. Jean was dead get on with your life. And it was close to be a happy ending. They lived happily ever after, and it was to create the impression that maybe if you came back in ten years, other X-Men would have grown up and out, too. Would Kitty stay with the team forever? Would Nightcrawler? Would any of them? Because that way we could evolve them into new directions, we could bring in new characters. There would be an ongoing sense of renewal, and growth and change in a positive sense.
Then, unfortunately, Jean was resurrected, Scott dumps his wife and kid and goes back to the old girlfriend. So it not only destroys Scott's character as a hero and as a decent human being it creates an untenable structural situation: what do we do with Madelyne and the kid? ... So ultimately the resolution was: turn her into the Goblin Queen and kill her off.[4] ^ Tegneserier: An interview with Chris Claremont,
(shameless borrowed from Wiki)

Is Chris Claremont a Morrison Drone?
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