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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

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Why is the Red Skull in some Russian general's mind?
General Lukin had the Skull assassinated in order to steal the cosmic cube from him in #1 of the series; it was revealed in #14 that, since the Skull was holding the cube at the moment of his death, he used it to transfer his mind into Lukin's. They've been stuck together ever since.
Who is the fat bearded dude working with Red Skull and why?
Doctor Faustus (a supervillain who specializes in psychological warfare), long-time Captain America villain, though his appearances in the current story are his first in about a decade and a half (since he was seemingly killed at the time).
Since when does the Skull have a hot daughter?
Sin was a villain during the Mark Gruenwald era in the 1980s; like Faustus, hadn't appeared for a good while until Brubaker brought her back from limbo.
How did Bucky get ressurected?
He was revealed to have never been dead. He was blown clear of the exploding drone, minus one of his arms, and fell into the sea; a Soviet submarine recovered him (thinking he might have the supersoldier serum in him). He didn't have the serum, but they brainwashed him for use as an assassin anyway; he spent the next 50+ years alternating between performing missions and be held in stasis.
I would imagine Nick Fury was behind it since they were saying that Fury blanked out camera coverage of the event so they wouldn't know how he was planning to rescue Cap. Looks like he did!
No. Nick Fury thinks he's dead.
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