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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

I just finished reading the first "Death of Captain America" trade. It was confusing in parts, they really should have put a recap at the front. Why is the Red Skull in some Russian general's mind? Who is the fat bearded dude working with Red Skull and why? Since when does the Skull have a hot daughter? How did Bucky get ressurected? ... Reading the death issue for the first time it's pretty damn suspicious. Cap gets shot in the gut a few times and then is rushed off-screen where he is then pronounced dead. Then when we see the body it's this mummified age accelerated messed up corpse. Seems pretty clear he was whisked away and replaced with a body. I would imagine Nick Fury was behind it since they were saying that Fury blanked out camera coverage of the event so they wouldn't know how he was planning to rescue Cap. Looks like he did!
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