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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

Well, I think in someways Jean, being a telepath, should have known that Scott really wanted more of out their relationship. I thought they were, as it was said umpteenmillion times in the comics "we're telepathically bonded on levels few could ever touch" so how come she didn't know that he wanted more intimacy and hell, some more of the eyeball scorching sexy Jean that used to wear tight short mini dresses and prance around their bedroom in her undies or less? I have to agree a bit with Scott, sure he's a douche, but he had a point. Jean at that point was wearing roll neck sweaters constantly, slightly baggy pants and wasn't really drawn that glamorously. Sure I can see her possibly being tired of "hearing" people go "wow that's a great ass." or "she's got a nice pair... wonder if they're real?" or "hoochie mama mutie or no I'd hit it!" But c'mon I thought she and Scott had this lovey dovey kinda relationship that "exceeded all boundries, we're soul mates!"

Honestly I've found Emma to be a far more interesting character and partner to Scott than Jean ever was really. Plus, they were married for how long and still they haven't had a kid? I mean c'mon... they were married since the early 90s (X-Men #30!) and they STILL haven't had Rachel or some kid by that time? Look how quickly Scotty knocked up Maddy! Or is that why he was having a telepathic affair with Emma? They had sex on birthdays and anniversaries only?

Now back on the topic of Captain America ... I really didn't see much problem with Bucky taking on the mantle, even though I miss Steve and I think if they bring him back and keep Bucky as Cap, that's not bad really. I think Steve Rogers is the legendary character, Cap is just the suit and the moniker he uses when he throws his mighty sheild. but he's more than that.

Heh... President Steve Rogers! I said it first... Cap will run for Prez or be head of SHIELD OR... he'll be the Captain again. And leave Cap A for Bucky
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