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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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Personally, I think this whole re-ing thing is getting out of hand.

I'm not making plans, I'm re-imagining.

I'm not going to the gym, I'm re-mastering.

I'm not shooting myself in the head, I'm re-booting

Maybe it's time to re-evaluate.
The reason why they are remastering is for high definition broadcasts, downloads, and BluRay releases.

If you don't understand why, check out the Babylon 5 DVDs. The effects there were rendered for 480p displays, while the non-effects shots look fine as they were filmed in a forward-looking format where they can easily be upconverted to HD. The result is everytime an effects shot is used (which is A LOT in B5), the video quality is highly pixelated. And that's just on standard resolution DVD; a HD release would look much worse.

With TOS they went in and remastered the effects and video to preserve image quality when viewed on 1080p displays. Blowing up the original effects to HD would result in a grainly blur.

As for DS9 being remastered; it will never happen. TOS is only three seasons and sellls very well, TNG sells even better so it's financially viable for them to remaster the series. On the other hand, DS9 and VOY only sold to the core niche group of fans and there simply is not the audience there to justify a costly remastering of the series in HD.
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