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Re: Borg vs kenetic weapons

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At least, that's how the requirements of drama would go. It would be too big a plot complication, not to mention too much of a tech contradiction, if the Borg could somehow block a swinging fist.
Well the requirements of drama will make the Borg as tough or vulnerable as they need to be to serve the story that week, which is why they appear weaker on Voyager, as the little Fed ship has to get away every week.
Ain't that the sad truth.
Well not really sad, it is just a TV show after all, and when keeping consistency for the 0.1% of viewers who will notice starts outweighing storytelling you get real problems.

After all, the crew are supposed to be our "heroes" and therefore in the art of storytelling are capable of extraordinary things.

The great thing is that in the greater scheme of things "real life" stories with a minimum of alteration are just as amazing, look at Band Of Brothers to see a good example.
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