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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

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wallpaper HERE
Hey Geoff, these are really cool. So, do I get one when Synthesis comes out?
As soon as I read it, man. Absolutely. That was always the plan.


I agree. I took some liberties with Ailli. These are all sort of quick-and-dirty illos and I thought it might be an easier "sell" to make her more curvy.

The uniform choice was intentional also: more familiar to the average non-Trekker and also the simplest design which is always the way to go in animation.

In real life someone would likely design completely new unis but I'm too lazy and time strapped to do FULL redesigns. This is really all in fun.

After the rest of the TITAN crew and then VANGUARD there was, I think, a request for a Starfleet Academy series. I'm glad you guys re digging this this much. I was just doing it for fun.



there will be more character sketches this week, for sure. after tomorrow i think.
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