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Re: Superman Returns: Did Richard Know?

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Wasn't there some kind of remark in the movie about keeping Jason out of sunlight?
Not that I recall, unless they said it in some medical/fancy word that went over my head.

Also, Jason had to use an inhaler. You might almost get the impression that Lois was going a little "Munchhausen by proxy" on him.
Ah...this is an important thing in the movie. Jason used an inhaler, and based on how the child actor played the role, he needed the inhaler until he pushed the piano. It seemed like once his various superpowers activate, a physical problem he might have disappears. This was foreshadowed at the beginning of the movie when we saw young Clark (with glasses) running around and when he started to levitate, he discovered he now had perfect vision. Maybe it is a moment of panic that can activate a power.

From my take on the movie I got the impression that Lois suspected in the back of her mind that Jason was Supes' son, but until the piano incident had no confirmation. Her lack of reaction read to me as being more in a state of shock (or just poor acting).
See, that is one the big mysteries about the movie. If she didn't think Superman was the father, then who did she think it was? Richard (in which case, she met and slept with fast after Superman left in order to believe that he was the biological father)? Virgin birth? Rape? Or maybe Lois just slept around?

Again, there are a lot of unanswered questions with the backstory of the movie.

Later, when she asks him to open the door, it seemed to me that he was just not up to it. Maybe he used up all his reserves on the piano.
Quite possible.
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