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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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I have to say, as someone who got their first BD player recently, if you own a large enough screen TV and don't mind paying the premium for buying a film on Blu-ray Disc rather than DVD, it is worth it. There's a much bigger increase in picture quality between DVD and Blu-ray than there was when we replaced our VHS with DVD players. Honest.
I know, I play Xbox at 1080i and some games look absolutely incredible, I wouldn't be able to play on an SDTV again. But when it comes to blu-ray I think of it as more of a movie format than a TV show type of thing, and I'm not much of a film-buff, most of my DVDs are series box-sets.

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I mean, where does this all lead us? What if at some point in the future yet another standard for picture quality comes around? What if the perception of what constitues a good special effect changes yet again in the future? I guess my point is, that an entertainment product shouldn't be changed just to adapt to the latest notion of what people consider visually pleasing.
But that's the way entertainment has worked for hundreds of years. Just look at Shakespeare's plays, back when they were first performed they didn't have electric lighting and all the female roles had to be played by men in straw wigs. We don't conform to the way things were done in the 17th century just because that's the way the plays were originally produced, a modern production keeps the script and characters but we use modern technologies like spotlights and women. (Because women are a technology invented in 1734. By a Scotsman, I believe.)

So long as the characters and stories are the same then I have no problem with updating the effects and fixing goof's like the Defiant-A's registry number.
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