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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

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And blaming Jean for Scott's infidelity is weak sauce and classic blame-the-woman thinking. What makes it worse is he tried to excuse it because it's telepathic and therefore not real. The hell? Buddy, your wife is a telepath!
Yeah, so maybe, just maybe, she might have picked up on the fact that ignoring your husband is not the way to preserve your marriage.

No, as an excuse "it wasn't real" doesn't really wash. "You won't even take your clothes off around me anymore" does.
Noted that Jean wasn't a saint either, but only one member of the couple actively had an affair. With a stacked telepath who has a history of seduction and is an old enemy of yourself and your wife's. Scott knows better, or he should know better, than to turn to Emma Frost for marriage counseling - how about Charles Xavier, hmm? Scott feels ignored? Confront Jean about it. Your marriage vows don't say "as long as she's satisfying your carnal needs as a man," they say in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. And if he's really so fed up and disgusted, he can divorce herm then move on to the next attractive telepath. The man who could hold freakin' Apocalypse in his head, who is lauded for his impressive willpower and self control, and who abandoned his wife and young child for Jean... couldn't figure out a way to keep it in his pants longer than he did?

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Leaving aside that though, the Scott/Jean romance is in the Top Five Ever of superhero stories, so how can you say breaking that up is the first interesting thing to happen to the character? Did you enjoy breaking up Peter/MJ also?
1) Who said I enjoyed it ? 2) No, because I actually like Peter and MJ.
Oh. That's a fair point about not liking it, and one I'd not really considered. Sorry. And sorry about the Peter/MJ cheap shot, but good to see we agree on that.
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