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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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So, while I can accept that this will eventually happen (if not necessarily to Deep Space Nine) and that it's okay, since it's really just a television show, I still don't understand why anyone would want the show to change in order to look better to eyes accustomed to high definition images.
See, I'm the opposite. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't.

I'm fully in favour of a full update with new better effects. The effects of the time were acceptable at best. They were never excellent, good for TV at the time maybe, but never anything special.

Take, for example, The Way of the Warrior, with its epic space battle. Even in SD this looks bad. A mere upgrading of the original material might be ok for internal live action shots, but the kitbashed plastic models exploding on strings would take even the most imaginative of us out of the action. To prove my point, I refer to the damaged K'Tinga class Klingon cruiser with the bright orange flame burning up the side, if anyone can get a screencap of this would appreciated.

A straight upgrade to HD just won't cut it and the every last effect shot need be upgraded. At the distances we see the passing ships and stations, today's audiences are accustomed to seeing interiors, and I'd fully expect that with any HD release.

As for trying to understand the differing mentalities:

If the effects and visuals are not important to the story or your enjoyment of the show, then a full upgrade will detract nothing.

If you object to a full upgrade on the grounds that you prefer it the way that it is, well, you already have it the way that it is. I'd consider that quite an immature attitude to take in all honesty. The effects are good enough to serve the needs of the story, but they're neither convincing nor immersive, and in some cases distractively bad.

Correcting the errors is important too. While I couldn't give a 4X about the Defiant's registry, it shouldn't be wrong either. One thing I could stand to lose is the aeronautic flight behaviour of starships in space. Every new series/film that adopts a more realistic approach to zero-G renders the star trek/wars approach ever more archaic. Was it Unification Part 1 that showed us the Enterprise doing a three point turn in space? I mean?

Doesn't have to be a full lucasification, no (not many) dinosaurs on the promenade, but any shot that doesn't look real, or could sell the scene better, must receive the enhancement it deserves.
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