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Re: S5 had a better shot at happening than we thought...

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Les Moonves
He seems kinda like the clueless wonder. I read a NY Times Magazine article with him that scared me. For example, he thinks doing something like the naked news (where a naked woman, or stripping woman reads the news) is a good idea. He was also behind some of the retooling of the show and the one that Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) suggests should be out golfing rather than provide dumb ideas for the show. And he did provide some dumb ideas.
And Jolene should have known better than to publicly (and quite condescendingly) trash the guy who signed her paycheck. But that's another story. I would dare to assume that ENT's demise was as much Berman's fault, as it is Moonves.' There was this interview with Garret Wang that someone posted over at VOY forum some time ago, in which Wang said that most of the CBS brass hated Berman's guts, and just waited for an excuse to kill his project and kick him out.
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